A Raisin in the Sun Act III: Questions and Answers

Lorraine Hansberry

Act III: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1.What do you think accounts for Beneatha’s deep pessimism at the beginning of the act? Do you think it is all because of the lost money?

2. What qualities do we see in Joseph Asagai which enable him to break through Beneatha’s mood to consider her own self-pity?

3. Reading between the lines, so to speak, what does it say about whether or not Beneatha has really given up on medical school, when she refers, even mockingly, to curing “the great sore of Colonialism…with the Penicillin of Independence”?

4. Why do you think the word, “end” appears four times in the top half of page 134? What does this signify?

5. Do you see any symbolism in Asagai...

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