A Raisin in the Sun Act III: Summary and Analysis

Lorraine Hansberry

Act III: Summary and Analysis

As the act begins, Joseph Asagai has come over to help with the packing. Beneatha, upset about the lost money, tells him what has happened. She speaks, very dejectedly of the dreams she had of being a doctor, and of having her aspirations dashed. Her friend, however, is incredulous at the level of her despair. He speaks to her about not giving up her idealism, and not insisting life be perfect in order to accomplish what she wants. He reminds her that it was not her money to begin with, and that lost money does not have to mean an end to medical school. Yet Beneatha is still filled with self-pity.

Finally, almost as if to wake her up, he starts yelling about the conditions in the part of the world...

(The entire section is 1632 words.)