A Raisin in the Sun Act II, Scene 2: Summary and Analysis

Lorraine Hansberry

Act II, Scene 2: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Mrs. Johnson: neighbor of the Youngers, noted previously for her frugality

The scene begins on a Friday night, three weeks after the previous scene. Packing crates are all over the room. Beneatha and George Murchison are sitting on the couch, talking. He wants to kiss her, but she wants to talk about her hopes and dreams instead. He becomes too demanding, and she tells him to leave, as Mrs. Younger comes home. Beneatha tells her mother that Murchison is a fool, and her mother tells her not to waste her time with him then. Beneatha thanks her mother for understanding her this time. When Ruth enters the room, she is asked if Walter is drunk again, and Ruth answers that he...

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