A Raisin in the Sun Act II, Scene 1: Summary and Analysis

Lorraine Hansberry

Act II, Scene 1: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
George Murchison: wealthy, college-educated gentleman friend of Beneatha

As the scene opens, Ruth is again ironing later in the same day. Beneatha comes out of her room in Nigerian dress, which Asagai gave her, and puts on the records of African music. Ruth admires the African garb and enjoys the music with Beneatha.

Walter comes home drunk. He gets into an exaggerated display of singing along with the record and chanting African chants. Some of his fervor is shown by his dancing on top of the kitchen table. Beneatha joins him in song and chant, although she is apprehensive about the cause of his energy—alcohol.

In the midst of this wild scene,...

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