Rainer Maria Rilke World Literature Analysis - Essay

Rainer Maria Rilke World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

While Rilke has often been read as a religious poet or mystic, Rilke’s outspoken attitude toward organized religion, particularly Christianity, negates this interpretation. His own unique concept of divinity was a fusion of myth, legend, and personal belief. Rilke’s maturity is reflected in his works, which underwent a focusing process. At first, he wrote of a type of anthropomorphic god, related to the Christian one but not identical with it. Later, this god became more clearly associated with creativity. Eventually, God disappeared from the works and was replaced, in the final years, by the angels of the Duino Elegies: superhuman beings, aloof and omniscient, with whom humanity was required to come to terms. Rilke...

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