Historical Context

The early part of the twentieth century, as Ragtime explains, saw a shift in public sentiment away from the...

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Ragtime Literary Style

Point of View
The point of view of this novel is uncertain. The prevailing consciousness is certainly that of the Little...

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Ragtime Literary Techniques

The narrative strategy of Ragtime is inventive and complex. The point of view is that of a minor character, the only child of Father...

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Ragtime Ideas for Group Discussions

Doctorow's experimentation with narrative method, his design for bringing together history and fiction, and his complex vision of American...

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Ragtime Social Concerns

Ragtime is a daring combination of fiction and history. Doctorow holds a mirror up to a decade of history in order to reflect the...

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Ragtime Compare and Contrast

1909: An interpreter for a French film company, attending the inauguration of President William Howard Taft, conceived the idea of...

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Ragtime Topics for Further Study

Study the music of Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, or another famous ragtime musician. Describe the characteristics of the...

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Ragtime Literary Precedents

Doctorow has acknowledged his debt to Michael Kohlhaas, an eighteenth-century novella by the German author Heinrich Von Kleist. The...

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Ragtime Related Titles

Doctorow's novels are not meant to be read as a coherent series, but Ragtime is related to books that come before and after it in the...

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Ragtime Adaptations

Ragtime was made into a motion picture in 1981. (Produced by Dino De Laurentis. Directed by Milos Forman. Screenplay by Michael...

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Ragtime Media Adaptations

An audio cassette version of Ragtime read by William Levine was released by Blackstone Audio.

The 1981 film version of...

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Ragtime What Do I Read Next?

The character of Coalhouse Walker Jr. is based upon the character Michael Kohlhaas from an 1808 novella written by German author Heinrich von...

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Ragtime Bibliography

(Masterpieces of American Fiction)

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Harter, Carol C., and James R. Thompson....

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Ragtime Bibliography and Further Reading

David Emblidge, "Progress as Illusion in Doctorow's Novels," Southwest Review, Vol. LXI, Autumn, 1977, pp....

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