Form and Content

(Literary Essentials: African American Literature)

Cornel West seeks in Race Matters to revitalize the United States’ discussion of race. That discussion has become mired in a polarized debate between liberals and conservatives that fails to examine the complexities of the issue. Through a series of eight essays, West creates a new discourse around race. Each essay follows the same structure: A problem is presented and analyzed, and a solution is offered. Three themes emerge throughout these essays: the power of market forces in shaping African American culture, the absence of African American leadership, and the challenge of Black Nationalism to black America. West argues that the first two factors have contributed to the collapse of institutions that create community among African Americans, while the third factor threatens potential solutions to that collapse by isolating the African American community.

Three of the book’s essays focus on market forces and their effects on black America. In the first, West argues that “nihilism,” by which he means living with a sense of hopelessness, threatens the survival of the African American community. This nihilism was avoided in the past, because society’s institutions were able to provide community connections. However, these institutions have been threatened by market forces that encourage individuals to seek personal pleasure at the expense of love and service to others. In contrast, West calls for a “politics of conversion” guided by a “love ethic” to generate feelings of self-love and agency among African Americans.

In the second essay, West claims a new black conservatism has emerged in the United States as a result of market forces. The emphasis placed on individualism by conservatives and neoconservatives such as Glenn Loury leads them to conclude that individual behaviors have led to a moral breakdown of American society. While West acknowledges the effects of these behaviors, he charges that conservatives ignore the power of market forces to stimulate behavior. While...

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