Act 1, Scenes 1–2

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Scene 1

It is February, and Becca, a woman in her late thirties, is folding laundry in her house. Her sister, Izzy, is telling her a story about an incident she recently experienced at a bar.

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Izzy tells Becca a random woman approached her and started yelling about a man. Izzy didn’t know who the woman was or the man in question. Becca doesn’t believe Izzy is innocent in this situation, so she asks clarifying questions to determine the truth. It becomes clear that Izzy does know the woman’s boyfriend, Auggie, but it’s unclear how she knows him.

Izzy tells Becca she felt trapped at the bar, and the only thing she could think to do was fight. She punched the woman in the face. Becca is shocked and appalled by her sister’s behavior, which causes a pause in their dialogue. Becca tells Izzy she’s worried about her and says, “I thought you were getting it together.” She questions Izzy about being “on something,” but Izzy swears she is and was clean and sober. Becca wants Izzy, who is now in her early thirties, to grow up, but Izzy says she’s still “coping.” This comment infuriates Becca. Becca tells Izzy she can’t use “him” as an excuse.

The conversation comes to a halt when Izzy goes in search of food. Wanting to ensure Izzy eats a proper snack, Becca offers to make her creme caramel. In the process, she asks Izzy about work. After Izzy reveals she was fired from Applebees, more silence ensues in the kitchen as Izzy eats and Becca cleans.

Izzy brings up the bar story again, and Becca wonders if the woman will press charges. Izzy says no and that the woman recently moved out of Auggie’s home. Becca is confused by this comment and becomes convinced Izzy is at fault. Izzy is frustrated by the accusations but finally reveals that she is sleeping with Auggie. Izzy tries to defend herself by saying the relationship between Auggie and the woman was over before they started sleeping together; they were only living together because of the rent. However, Izzy reveals she is pregnant, hence the reason for the accosting at the bar. Now Becca realizes the true meaning of her sister’s visit.

Becca is shocked and repeats the phrase “Oh my God” multiple times. Her disapproval and lack of support upsets Izzy. Izzy tells Becca that Auggie is a great guy and a working musician. They are both excited about the baby, so Izzy asks Becca to be happy for her, even if it’s a lie. She doesn’t want to hear any more judgment and tells Becca this baby could turn her life around. Becca changes her tone and says she’s happy for Izzy. The tension is cut when the two hug.

The women’s attention shifts back to Becca’s laundry—a pile of clothes for a four-year-old boy. Becca was planning on giving the items to Goodwill, but this news changes her plans and the mood. Becca offers to save the clothes for Izzy in her basement until the time is right, but this suggestion makes Izzy uncomfortable. As the sisters continue to talk, Izzy says it would be weird “to see [her child] running around in Danny’s clothes.” Becca agrees and decides to stick with her plan of giving the pile to Goodwill. They break the unexplained tension by discussing the probability of Izzy having a boy or a girl. Both women hope Izzy has a girl. The scene ends with Izzy apologizing for bad timing and Becca supporting Izzy’s happiness.

Scene 2

In the living room, Becca and her husband, Howie, are eating dessert and discussing Izzy’s pregnancy. Becca is disgusted by the fact that Izzy was at a bar when she was nine weeks pregnant, but Howie defends Izzy, agreeing with Izzy’s perspective that this baby could get her back on track. As Becca continues to harshly judge her sister’s behavior, Howie calmly redirects all of her arguments, reminding Becca that they have no control over...

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