Rabbit Hill Ideas for Reports and Papers
by Robert Lawson

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. Rabbit Hill was written at the end of World War II as the world prepared to live in harmony. Discuss ways in which this work deals with the way people must think in order to achieve this goal and the symbols that Lawson employs to capture this "post war" task.

2. Little Georgie plays a central role in Rabbit Hill. What role is this and how do his experiences add to the development of the theme of trust? Contrast Little Georgie's role with that played by Uncle Analdas.

3. Rabbit Hill is a fable. What does this term mean exactly, and how does this work use the characteristics of fable?

4. The reader of Rabbit Hill quickly begins thinking of the animals as people. How does Lawson achieve this effect?

5. What virtues does Lawson suggest are necessary to the coexistence of different societies?

6. Select a character in Rabbit Hill and discuss his or her contribution to the development of Lawson's theme, specifically that different communities can exist together if the members of both live by basic virtues.