The Rabbit Angstrom Novels Additional Summary

John Updike


(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

Rabbit, Run. Harry Angstrom, nicknamed Rabbit, was a high-school basketball star in Brewer, Pennsylvania. Rabbit does not go to college. Following a stint in the army, he marries Janice Springer, who is pregnant with his child. One day, Rabbit stops on his way home from work to play basketball with a group of young boys, remembering his days as a basketball star. After the excitement of the game, he returns to the reality of his dirty, cluttered apartment and a wife who is drinking too much. On a sudden impulse, Rabbit, feeling trapped by family responsibilities, gets in his car and heads south in an attempt to flee from the pressures that crowd his life. He gets as far as West Virginia and then turns back to Brewer. Still...

(The entire section is 973 words.)