R. S. Thomas Biography


(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

Ronald Stuart Thomas was born in South Wales. His father, Thomas Hubert Thomas, was a seaman and frequently absent. Thomas, an only child, found himself in a close but uneasy relationship with his mother, Peggy. When he was five years old, the family moved to Holyhead, North Wales, the major port to Ireland. Although the county was largely Welsh speaking, Holyhead itself was English speaking, as were his parents, and the high school he attended from 1925 to 1931.

It was decided he should enter the church in Wales. To pursue this career, he first attended University College, Bangor, where he majored in Latin, and then spent a year at theological college in South Wales. His first post was in 1936 at Chirk, on the English-Welsh border north of Shrewsbury. While there, he met Mildred Elsie “Elsi” Eldridge, an artist and art teacher. They were married July 5, 1940. As an ordained minister, he was excused from wartime service. Later, Thomas became an ardent pacifist and antinuclear campaigner.

After another curacy in the area, Thomas and his wife wanted to discover a “truer” Wales, with mountains and speakers of Welsh. He thought he had found such an area in 1942, when he was appointed to Manafon, a small parish in mid-Wales in a secluded valley with hills all round. The couple’s only son, Gwydion, was born there in 1945.

Thomas began making rounds to visit the many hill farmers of the area and to learn Welsh. His poetry...

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