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(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The last volume of the Avignon Quintet, QUINX gathers together most of the characters from the earlier novels of the sequence. It tells of how Aubrey Blanford attempts to pick up the pieces of his life after being wounded in World War II. Returning home to Avignon, he resumes his friendship with novelist Bob Sutcliffe and with Constance, a psychoanalyst whom Aubrey has always loved.

Constance arrives with her schizophrenic lover, Sylvie, a gifted poet. Lord Galen, who has come to Avignon to search for the treasure of the Templars alleged to be hidden in the caves of Avignon, joins the four, as does an Egyptian prince who gives wild parties. Superimposed upon this group is a convention of energetic Gypsies from all over the Continent who have descended upon this French town to celebrate the feast of their patron saint.

One of the Gypsies tells the fortunes of three of Constance’s party and starts them on the final leg of their quest for the treasure supposedly sequestered in the caves as well as on a spiritual quest to determine something about man’s soul.

This brief novel is psychologically complex, but it is loosely structured, uncompelling in its narrative, and often digressive and didactic.