Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Quintus Ennius is best known as an analyst historian. His now fragmentary poem Annales (c. 204-169 b.c.e., Annals, 1935), originally written in eighteen books, spanned the legendary period of Aeneas to his own day. He also wrote the Saturae (c. 204-169 b.c.e.; Miscellanies, 1935), a collection of miscellaneous poems in various meters on everything from Pythagorean philosophy (Epicharmus) and Pythagorean mythology (Euhemerus) to gastronomy (Hedyphagetica; The Art of Dining, 1935). The Saturae also are fragmentary. Ennius wrote epigrams as well; those on Scipio Africanus and on himself are the best known.