Quicksand Characters

The main characters of Quicksand are Helga Crane, Dr. Robert Anderson, Anne Grey, and the Reverend Mr. Pleasant Green.

  • Helga Crane is a woman in her early twenties. Her father is of West Indian descent, her mother Danish. She wanders between Harlem, Denmark, and the South in search of belonging.
  • Dr. Robert Anderson is, at first, the principal of Naxos. He and Helga share a mutual attraction that goes awry.
  • Anne Grey is Helga’s friend who introduces her to the bourgeois Harlem culture that she embodies.
  • Mr. Green is a pastor whom Helga unthinkingly marries; he is religious but hypocritical.

Characters Discussed

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Helga Crane

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Helga Crane, a twenty-three-year-old teacher of mixed heritage. Born of a Danish mother and a West Indian father, she is educated by her mother’s brother after the death of her mother. She is an exotically beautiful, sensuously contradictory, intelligent, sensitive lover of exquisitely beautiful clothes and things. She also is a lost, lonely, dissatisfied, alienated, dichotomous, indecisive, and spiritually and psychologically ambivalent young woman who is never at home in the world, neither in Naxos, where she teaches in an elite black school and falls in love unwittingly with the very proper and reticent Dr. Robert Anderson, nor in Harlem, where she mingles with the black bourgeoisie, attends the correct social functions and meets the correct people, and is proposed to by eligible bachelors. She does not fit into Copenhagen society, where she lives with her very proper European aunt and uncle, mingles with the artistic set, and is proposed to by a very eligible Danish artist, Axel Olsen. Ultimately, she lives in Alabama, where she is married to a most unsuitable, unlettered black minister. She sinks deeper into depression and exhaustion with the birth of each of her children.

Dr. Robert Anderson

Dr. Robert Anderson, the principal of the elite black school in Naxos where Helga first teaches. He is a tall, handsome thirty-five-year-old with gray eyes. He is a cool, reticent, controlled, and detached man, and Helga falls very passionately, though unadmittedly, in love with him. Although he is in love with Helga, he refuses to define and to act on his emotions, either in Naxos or later in New York, where he also goes to escape the provincial Naxos. It is clearly his engagement to Helga’s friend, Anne, that terminates Helga’s extended stay in Denmark, and it undoubtedly is his later marriage to Anne that propels Helga into the unsuitable marriage with the Reverend Mr. Pleasant Green.

Anne Grey

Anne Grey, a socialite Harlem widow. She is an extremely beautiful, black-haired, black-eyed, madonna-like thirty-year-old. Fastidiously dressed, self-assured, selfish but gentle, and well bred, she is a hypocritically liberal, independently wealthy, well-connected, bourgeois Harlemite who has an exquisitely beautiful home filled with antiques and books that are an index to her personality. Obsessed with the race problem, she says the right thing, attends the proper social functions, and does the proper charity work for black people. Full of ambivalence and inconsistencies, she advocates social equality while living a life of social inequality. Introduced to Helga by Mrs. Hayes-Rore, her aunt-in-law, she becomes Helga’s nemesis and friend; she later marries Helga’s one love, Dr. Robert Anderson.

The Reverend Mr. Pleasant Green

The Reverend Mr. Pleasant Green, a minister of a small black church in Alabama. He is a rather heavyset, unattractive, yellow, fattish, dirty-nailed, unlettered, uncouth, self-satisfied, dull, mild-mannered man. Helga marries him in a misguided daze to seek revenge on Dr. Anderson for marrying Anne, and with him she produces four children in rapid succession (three in twenty months) and lives in a quagmire of lost hope and disillusionment. He...

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