Places Discussed

(Critical Guide to Settings and Places in Literature)

*Castle of Plessis-les-Tours

*Castle of Plessis-les-Tours (pleh-SEE-lay-TEWR). Royal French stronghold situated two miles south of the ancient capital of Touraine, in and around which the early phases of the story take place. Quentin makes his first appearance at a treacherous ford on a fast-running brook, a tributary of the Cher River, after which he reposes briefly at Saint Hubert’s Chapel before going to the castle. Important settings within the castle include the Hall of Roland and its surrounding gallery, where Quentin secretly observes Princess Joan and her attendants; the tower where the astrologer Galeotti Marti, or Martivalle, is lodged in richly furnished apartments, with his library of Hermetic Philosophy and his silver astrolabe; and the Dauphin’s tower, where the two countesses of Croye are lodged.


*Namur (NAH-mewr). Town in Flanders (now the capital of a Belgian province) where Quentin and the countesses obtain lodgings at a Franciscan convent while they are traveling to Liege. When their guide Hayraddin is expelled from the convent for licentious behavior, Quentin follows him into the nearby woods and discovers his apparent treachery.


*Liege (leej). Region of the Low Countries that is now a province of Belgium; its capital city is situated at the junction of the Ourthe and Meuse (“Maes” in the novel) Rivers. The castle of Schonwaldt, the residence of the bishop of Liege at the time of...

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