The Queen of Spades

by Alexander Pushkin

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Principal Works

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Povesti pokoinogo I. P. Belkina [The Tales of Belkin, and The History of Goryukhino] 1830

Skazki [Pushkin's Fairy Tales] 1831-34

Pikovaia dama [The Queen of Spades] 1834

Tales Published by Alexander Pushkin 1834

Complete Prose Tales 1966

Complete Prose Fiction 1983

Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin; The Queen of Spades; The Captain's Daughter; Peter the Great's Blackamoor (translated by Alan Myers and Andrew Kahn) 1997

Alexander Pushkin: The Collected Stories (translated by Paul Debreczeny) 1999

Stikhotvoreniia. 4 vols. (poetry) 1826

Boris Godunov [Boris Godunov] (drama) 1831

Motsart i Sal'eri [Mozart and Salieri] (drama) 1831

Pir vo vremia chumy [The Feast During the Plague] (drama) 1832

Evgenii Onegin [Eugene Onegin] (verse novel) 1833

Kapitanskaia dochka [The Captain's Daughter] (novel) 1836

Skupoi rytsar' [The Covetous Knight] (drama) 1836

Kamennyi gost' [The Statue Guest and The Stone Guest] (drama) 1839

Russian Romances (novels) 1875

The Works: Lyrics, Narrative Poems, Folk Tales, Prose (poems, dramas, short stories) 1939

Letters (letters) 1964

The Bronze Horseman: Selected Poems (poetry) 1982

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