The Queen of Spades

by Alexander Pushkin

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Provides a summary of the novella and deems it “beyond doubt Pushkin's masterpiece in prose.”


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Traces Pushkin's stylistic development by examining his prose works, including The Queen of Spades.

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Explores the function of the card game in Russian literature, including The Queen of Spades.

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Regards Friedrich Heinrich Carl, Baron de La Motte Fouqué's Pique-Dame as an influence on The Queen of Spades.

Pursglove, Michael. “Chronology in Pushkin's ‘Pikovaya dama’.” Irish Slavonic Studies 6 (1985): 11-18.

Offers a timeline for the events of The Queen of Spades.

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Examines The Queen of Spades as a parody of an E. T. A. Hoffmann tale.

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Considers The Queen of Spades as a prime example of the “St. Petersburg text.”

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Brief synopsis of the tale and its major thematic concerns.

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