Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Warren deals with the major biblical themes of sin, salvation, sanctification, and the choice people make for eternal life by accepting Jesus Christ or for eternal separation by rejecting Christ. He translates these Christian doctrines into language accessible to those not acquainted with church jargon and makes them enlightening to those already familiar with such terminology. Warren’s stance against sin, New Age beliefs, and self-centered, self-help philosophies is strong.

The focus of this book is on positive steps people can take to discover God’s design for their life. This work is strongly informed by a biblically rooted conviction that the providence of God determines the course of life, yet this volume also affirms the opportunity for each person to respond to God and be saved. Warren is also careful to note that people are saved to serve, to make a positive contribution to the life of the church and the world.

The Purpose Driven Life emphasizes that God wastes nothing in human experience. It states that life is not an accident. Each event and experience has the potential for helping people grow closer to God and learn to trust God more. In this process, God is far more concerned about character than comfort. By God’s grace, one’s greatest ministry comes from one’s deepest hurts and greatest weaknesses. Only when God is one’s strength, can God work best for God’s glory. This book also emphasizes the centrality of the Bible in helping one discover the purpose and meaning of life. Scriptures provide a foundation for understanding God’s purpose for life and protect believers from being swept along by the relativism of the postmodern era.

In keeping with traditional Christian teaching, Warren declares that God is the one who gives life meaning. Only by keeping God at the center of one’s life can one realize the purpose and meaning of life. As Warren concludes, a purpose driven life is a God-directed life.