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Characters Discussed

Richard Lamb

Richard Lamb, a humorous, poetic young adventurer, amateur botanist, and wandering seeker of work to support himself and his wife. He briefly and unwillingly joins a revolutionary band, almost loses his life as a result, and at last returns to his wife still unemployed and facing the unpleasant prospect of a meeting with his angry father-in-law.


Paquíta (pah-KEE-tah), his olive-skinned, violet-eyed, black-haired Argentinean wife, married without her father’s consent.

Doña Isidora

Doña Isidora (ee-see-DOH-rah), her aunt, a garrulous old woman.


Lucero (lew-SEH-roh), a friendly horse tamer, an old man who still possesses youthful fire and energy in his soul.

Marcos Marcó

Marcos Marcó (MAHR-kohs mahr-KOH), later General Santa Coloma (SAHN-tah koh-LOH-mah), a tall, imposing, bronzed man whom Lamb first meets in disguise. He turns out to be a popular Uruguayan revolutionary hero.


Margarita (mahr-gahr-EE-tah), his beautiful, fair, golden-haired, sapphire-eyed young daughter.

Don Peralta

Don Peralta (pehr-AHL-tah), an insane old landowner and former officer who thinks Lamb is his long-lost son.


Demetria (deh-MEH-tree-ah), his daughter, who wishes to marry Lamb. To save her from Hilario, Lamb abducts her and takes her to Montevideo.

Don Hilario

Don Hilario (ee-LAHR-ee-oh), an undersized, serpentlike autocrat, the villainous supervisor of Don Peralta’s estate. Demetria hates him.


Santos (SAHN-tohs), a servant who reveals to Lamb the Peralta family history.


Blas (blahs), also called Barbudo (bahr-BEW-doh), an insolent, black-bearded giant stabbed by Lamb in a fight.


Anselmo (ahn-SEHL-moh), a handsome gaucho, a teller of wandering, pointless tales.

Don Sinforiano Alday

Don Sinforiano Alday (seen-foh-RYAH-noh AHL-dah-ee), the owner of a large estate.


Monica, his daughter.


Anita, an orphan living with the Aldays.


Gandara (gahn-DAH-rah), a truculent, murderous man whom Lamb shoots before escaping from him.

John Carrickfergus

John Carrickfergus, an amiable expatriate Scotsman who befriends Lamb.


Toribia (toh-REE-byah), a magistrate’s wife, a fat slattern who takes an embarrassing liking to Lamb.


Dolores (doh-LOH-rehs), a beautiful young woman who almost makes Lamb forget Paquíta.




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