What are three elements of Freud in everyday use?

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Three elements of Freud that have seeped into the everyday consciousness are the Freudian slip, the Oedipal complex and the superego. 

In a Freudian slip a person secretly reveals a thought they wanted to keep hidden by making a "mistake" in speech or writing. For example, saying "I am so happy I could kill you" instead of "I am so happy I could kiss you" would constitute a Freudian slip that reveals underlying anger or hostility towards a person.

We often use the term "Oedipal complex" without having the first idea what the play Oedipus Rex is about. However, we know that a male who is overly fixated on his mother has an Oedipal complex. We know too that little boys who insist they will marry their mothers are working through their age-appropriate Oedipal complexes.

Finally, we are prone to note that a person who is very moral or uptight suffers from too much "superego," that element of the personality that keeps our wild desires in check. 

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