Summarize Chapters 5 and 6 from The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.

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The Magic of Thinking Big is a self-help book written by David J. Schwartz in 1959. It is meant to inspire the reader to achieve greater things and rise above being average. Chapter Five is titled "How to Think and Dream Creatively." The chapter asks the reader to consider new ways of doing things and inspires the reader to think differently. The chapter outlines six methods for creative thinking.

  • You must believe that the new way of doing something can be done. If you believe it can be done your mind will act differently and your actions will reflect this new way of thinking.  
  • Transform yourself to be open to new ideas. Abandon traditional thought and action and allow yourself to try new things.
  • In the different areas of your life, ask yourself how things can be done differently. Reflect on the ways that you can be better and explore new avenues for growth.
  • Reflect on how you can do more. Doing more requires better organization of your time. In what ways can you attempt to become more efficient in some areas of your life that will benefit the new responsibilities.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for advice from others and actively listen to their responses. The successful person listens more than he/she speaks. Frame your questions around areas you would like to see improvement in yourself.
  • The last step is to stretch your mind. Record notes of your experiences with others. Do not be afraid to research. Be sure to review your notes regularly. Do not restrict yourself to the company of people who think and act like you. Be sure to broaden your horizons.

Chapter Six is titled "You are What You Think You Are." Its main focus is how the limitations that you harbor in your own mind affects your ability to be successful. In fact, the limitations that you have placed on yourself have a dramatic effect on how others treat you as well. The chapter asks the reader to take a strengths inventory of yourself. What are your positive attributes and skills? How are you an asset to others? Schwartz believes that you should make a list of these attributes. Create a propaganda piece that illustrates your strengths. After the inventory has been written, it should be reviewed daily. Read it to yourself in front of a mirror and keep it with you to be reviewed throughout the day.

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