Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Pseudolus (SEW-duh-luhs), Simo’s servant. When he learns that Calidorus’ slave-girl sweetheart, Phoenicium, is to be sold, Pseudolus promises to trick Simo out of enough money to purchase her. The slave brazenly tells Simo of his plan and goads the old man into promising to pay for the girl if Pseudolus can get her away from her owner, Ballio. By substituting Simia for the real messenger, the wily slave succeeds in duping Ballio and wins the slave girl for Calidorus free of charge.


Simo (SIH-moh), an Athenian gentleman, Calidorus’ father and Pseudolus’ owner. Forewarned by his clever servant, the tightfisted old man is tricked nevertheless, but his bet with Ballio keeps him from losing any money.


Ballio (BA-lee-oh), a procurer, the owner of Phoenicium. Although he has been warned by Simo, the hard-hearted procurer is tricked by clever Pseudolus; he loses his slave girl to Calidorus and twenty minae to Simo.


Calidorus (ka-lih-DOH-ruhs), the lovesick son of Simo.


Phoenicium (fee-NEE-see-uhm), Ballio’s slave girl and the sweetheart of Calidorus.


Harpax (HAHR-paks), the real messenger of the Macedonian officer who has made the initial payment for the purchase of Phoenicium.


Simia (SIH-mee-uh), the servant of one of Calidorus’ friends. He impersonates Harpax and tricks Ballio.