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1. Do you know anyone whose parents are divorced? How do you think it affects their family? Their friendships?

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2. Write a character analysis of either Tara or Elizabeth and explain what you believe influenced them to think and act the way they do.

3. Analyze the arguments the girls have in their letters and explain what you believe causes their angry reactions.

4. Research the problem of alcoholism in the United States. How does it relate to divorce? Financial problems? How does it affect families? What else does it affect?

5. Research school culture. What's it like being new to a school? How do some individuals try to fit in? Talk about the various groups and cliques in schools. Compare American schools with schools, say, in Europe or India or China. How are they different?

6. In our present society a lot of mothers are working. Discuss how this changes the family environment. How does this impact the mother-daughter relationship? What about the other relationships in the family? The financial situation? What about the mothers themselves?

7. Write a short story in a series of letters between you and an "imaginary friend." Give your characters strong voices, allow them to speak with clarity and emotion, and develop a plot from there.

8. Based on the relationships in the novel and the problems that arise, write a paper on the importance of communication.

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