P.S. Longer Letter Later by Paula Danziger, Ann M. Martin

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P.S. Longer Letter Later Summary

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

P.S. Longer Letter Later is a novel written in letters, depicting the friendship between twelve-year-old pen pals. Paula Danziger and Ann Martin, as authors, portray Tara and Elizabeth. Tara (portrayed by Danziger) has moved to another town, but the two girls maintain their relationship through letters and continue to share their thoughts and feelings. Tara and Elizabeth are compatible, but different in many ways. Tara is outspoken and free spirited and Elizabeth is shy and reserved. Tara comes from young parents with little money or assets and Elizabeth comes from older, stable, wealthy parents. During the course of the novel, however, the girls' situations change. Each of them struggles with problems as they learn to adjust to life without each other, to cope with the pains of growing up, and to make sense of the changing events within their households. A reviewer for Publisher's Weekly calls the book "a celebration of friendship." Through the girls' correspondence, Danziger and Martin create a poignant, realistic novel that chronicles the joys and pains of adolescence.