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Kennedy obviously valued courage and was inspired by the examples of it he found in American political history. What is a quality that you especially admire and respect? After you have chosen one, focus on a particular field (such as music, art, literature, etc.) and compile a list of five people whom you feel represent the quality you have chosen. Create a draft of your own Profiles in _____ by making an outline or by writing a few paragraphs for each person you chose. After you are finished, go back and write a one-paragraph preface, explaining why you believe this quality is so admirable.

Use the library and/or the Internet to find portraits of the men Kennedy profiled in his book. How does the art reflect the same courage, patriotism, and passion that Kennedy depicts in his book? What choices (colors, expressions, settings, etc.) did the artists make to communicate the characters of these statesmen? How do these paintings make you feel?

Research the history of the two-party system in American politics. Create brief summaries of the political views of major parties, past and present. Do you think the United States will always have a two-party system? Why or why not?

Think about political events of the past few years. Come up with a nomination for someone you think deserves to be included in Profiles in Courage. It must be someone who is in politics, but you may choose anyone in local, state, or federal government. Write a short essay in the style of Kennedy in which you make a case for this person’s inclusion.

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