The Princess Bride

by William Goldman

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Which characters in 'The Princess Bride' correspond to each of the eight fairy tale character types, and why?

There are eight character types in most fairy tales: 1) The hero. 2) The helper. 3) The villian. 4) The false hero. 5) The donor. 6) The dispatcher. 7) The Princess. 8) The Princess' Father.

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Someone can certainly double check me on this, but here is  my best shot off the top of my head.  (Great movie AND book by the way.)

1. Wesley
2. Inigo & Fezzik
3. The 6 fingered man
4.  Prince Humperdinck
5.  The Sicilian (who is evil and could probably be considered a villian but still provides help in the form of Inigo and Fezzik in the end) or Miracle Max (?)
6. The Dread Pirate Roberts
7.  Buttercup
8.  A peasant farmer with little relevance to the story.

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