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1. Chelsea feels a strong competition with her mother. Why? In what ways does she compete? Is this a normal mother-daughter relationship?

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2. "The problem isn't what rich kids have. It's what rich kids are." Explain Mrs. Olinger's comment by using examples from the book.

3. Describe Chelsea's relationship with Ashley. What was Chelsea's first impression of Ashley? How did their friendship develop?

4. Craig has power over people, especially over the three boys who run around with him. Why did they confess to being Gremlins? Give other examples of Craig's power over people.

5. When Chelsea's mom is in the hospital, Chelsea turns to her dad for support and finds that she is really in charge now. How did Chelsea feel when she discovered his weakness? What sort of relationship did they have?

6. Contrast Gloria Raymond's rebellion and her control of her mother with Ashley's behavior and her control of her parents.

7. Although Chelsea knew it was Ashley on the other side of her front door, she looks surprised when she opens it. The two girls allow themselves a squeal or two. Give other examples of planned behavior and tell why the girls act this way.

8. Phillip Ogden Davis wrote articles that upset the juniors. Who was the writer and what did he write that upset them?

9. Peck's description of Lucy's death is a moving narrative. Describe it and how Pod, Chelsea and her parents reacted to the dog's death.

10. How is Chelsea's non-involvement in the Senior Summer party a silent way of lying?

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