The Prince and the Pauper Chapters 21-22 Summary
by Mark Twain

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Chapters 21-22 Summary

Edward awakens to find himself bound and gagged, the mad monk sitting nearby with a knife. He tries to cry out when the monk asks him if he has prayed the prayer for the dying.

Soon he hears the sound of someone approaching. A knock on the door reveals Miles Hendon, who tells the monk that he is seeking a boy who has escaped from outlaws. The monk reveals to Miles that he is an archangel, which Miles plays along with. The monk says that he sent the boy out on an errand, but Miles knows that Edward would never leave on such a task.

As Miles and the monk speak, Edward tries to make sounds loud enough for Miles to hear. Miles does indeed hear, but the monk says that the sounds came from outside. He and Miles go out into the woods, Miles fearing that the boy will get lost.

Edward is left alone, but he soon hears someone else enter the cabin. It is John Canty and Hugo, who untie Edward and take him away.

Canty and Hugo, holding tight to Edward, rejoin the gang of outlaws, who are overjoyed to see that “King Foo-foo” has been returned to them. Most of the thieves like Edward, but Canty and Hugo make his life miserable. They try to get him to steal and beg, but Edward refuses. When set to tasks of labor, he rejects these as well.

While he was glad to be rescued from the mad monk, Edward now realizes that he is still in a very bad spot. Hugo plans to create a sore on Edward’s leg, which will make him more pitiable as a beggar. Edward fights against this attempt, promising to hang both Hugo and John Canty the moment he is restored to the throne.

Hugo resolves to turn Edward into a thief, just to get rid of him. In a village, Hugo (accompanied by Edward) steals a package from a woman’s basket. He gives the package to Edward and takes off. Edward is caught by the woman, who berates him for stealing from a poor woman.

A crowd surrounds Edward and the woman, and a blacksmith approaches, intent on inflicting some punishment on the would-be thief. A man enters the fray, brandishing a sword and warning the mob to let the law take care of the situation. The woman and the blacksmith release Edward and he springs to the side of his rescuer, who is Miles Hendon, and orders him to carve the rabble to rags.