Volume One, Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does the opening scene take place?

2. What does Mrs. Bennet want her husband to do?

3. Why does Mrs. Bennet seem excited?

4. What does Mrs. Bennet consider to be her mission in life?

5. Why does Mr. Bennet favor Lizzy?

6. Who does Mrs. Bennet say will probably visit Mr. Bingley first?

7. How much money does Mr. Bingley earn annually?

8. What is meant by the word “let” in this sentence?
“Netherfield Park is let at last.”

9. What does Mrs. Bennet say a woman with five grown daughters should give up?

10. How many years have the Bennets been married?

1. It takes place in the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet.

2. She wants him to be among the first to visit their new neighbor, Mr. Bingley.

3. Mr. Bingley is a single man of wealth. She has five marriageable daughters.

4. The business of her life is to get her daughters married.

5. He thinks Lizzy is smarter than the rest of his daughters.

6. She says Sir William and Lady Lucas will go for the same reason.

7. He earns four or five thousand pounds per year.

8. It means the estate is rented.

9. She feels she should give up thinking of her own beauty.

10. They have been married for 23 years.

Volume One, Chapters 2-3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Mr. Bennet tease his family?

2. What annoying habit does Kitty have?

3. How does Mrs. Bennet show favoritism to Lydia?

4. Why did Bingley turn down the first invitation to dinner?

5. Who came back from London with Bingley?

6. What are the first impressions of most women of Darcy?

7. Who does Bingley find attractive?

8. Why does Elizabeth sit down for two dances?

9. Who overhears Darcy’s speech to Bingley? How does she react?

10. What most impresses Mrs. Bennet about Bingley’s sisters?

1. He doesn’t tell them right away that he has already called upon Mr. Bingley.

2. Kitty has an annoying cough.

3. She tells Lydia that she will probably get the first dance with Bingley.

4. He had to go to London to bring his relatives back.

5. He brought back his two sisters, his brother-in-law, and Mr. Darcy.

6. They find him to be handsome, but exceedingly vain and cold.

7. He dances two dances with Jane, and describes her to Darcy as the most beautiful creature he has ever seen.

8. There are more women at the ball than eligible men, and some are more popular than others.

9. Elizabeth overhears his arrogant speech, and forms an immediate dislike.

10. She says they dress elegantly and expensively, and are charming.

Volume One, Chapters 4-8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Jane describe Bingley to Elizabeth?

2. What does Elizabeth say Jane never sees?

3. What did Charlotte overhear at the ball?

4. What did Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst think of Mrs. Bennet and the younger daughters?

5. At the second ball, what does Darcy do that irritates Elizabeth?

6. What is an entailment?

7. What happens to Jane when she visits Bingley’s sisters?

8. How do the Bingley sisters react to Elizabeth’s appearance when she arrives at Netherfield?

9. What is the name of Darcy’s estate?

10. Who is Mr. Jones and why was he sent for?

1. She says he is sensible, good humored, lively, and has fine manners.

2. She says Jane never sees people’s faults.

3. She overheard Bingley describe Jane as the prettiest woman in the room.

4. They thought the mother was intolerable and the younger daughters were not worth talking to.

5. He deliberately listened in on a conversation she had with Colonel Forster.

6. Entailment is a legal term that means a property is bequeathed to a given person (in this case, a male heir).

7. Jane caught a severe cold in the rain and had to remain at Netherfield because she was bedridden.

8. She is muddy and wet, and they find her indelicate and rough.

9. Its name is Pemberley.

10. Mr. Jones is a druggist, and he is asked to bring medicine for Jane.

Volume One, Chapters 9-12 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Mrs. Bennet describe Charlotte?

2. What does Miss Bingley ask Charles?

3. To whom does Darcy compose a letter?

4. Why does Miss Bingley get jealous?

5. What weaknesses do Darcy says expose “a strong understanding to ridicule”?

6. What type of entertainment is usually enjoyed after dinner at Netherfield?

7. How long did Jane stay at Netherfield?

8. Why does Darcy hardly speak to Elizabeth on their last day at Netherfield?

9. Why is Mrs. Bennet upset that the two daughters returned so soon?

10. How do the other daughters react to their reunion?

1. She states that Charlotte is very plain, but a dear friend.

2. She asks him if he is serious about giving a ball.

3. He writes a letter to his sister, Georgiana.

4. She gets jealous, because Darcy is interested in Elizabeth and ignores her.

5. He states that vanity and pride are the two greatest weaknesses in any individual.

6. The usual entertainment is an evening spent in the drawing room.

7. Jane was there for six days.

8. He realizes that she appeals to him, but is acutely aware of her lower social position.

9. She had hoped that they might stay longer, and form a more solid relationship between Jane and Bingley.

10. Mary ignores them, and pursues a study she is engrossed in. Kitty and Lydia “blabber-on” about all the soldiers they’ve met.

Volume One, Chapters 13-18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How long does Mr. Collins plan to visit?

2. What is the first subject Mrs. Bennet discusses with Collins?

3. How does Collins describe young Miss de Bourgh?

4. What is the name of the de Bourgh estate?

5. How does Lydia embarrass Collins?

6. Which daughter is of first interest to Collins?

7. What did Darcy and Wickham do on first meeting?

8. What job had Wickham’s father held?

9. Does Bingley have any knowledge of Wickham?

10. What does Miss Bingley say to Elizabeth at the ball?

1. He plans to stay two weeks.

2. She brought up the entailment.

3. He describes her as sickly, but one of the most charming and accomplished women he has ever met.

4. The estate is called Rosings Park.

5. When he is reading to them for entertainment, she loudly interrupts his performance by talking of family matters.

6. He is first attracted to Jane’s beauty.

7. They both turned red and stared uncivilly at one another.

8. He was once the steward at Darcy’s father’s estate.

9. He had never met the man until this encounter.

10. She warns her of Wickham’s bad character.

Volume One, Chapters 19-23 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Mr. Collins’ first argument to Elizabeth explaining why he should marry?

2. What does Mr. Bennet say to Elizabeth that he will do if she accepts Collins’ proposal?

3. What does Wickham say about his absence from the ball?

4. Who sends Jane a letter?

5. Who does the letter imply should receive Mr. Bingley’s affections?

6. Who received Mr. Collins’ second proposal?

7. Why does Charlotte agree to become married?

8. How does Mrs. Bennet react to Charlotte’s marriage plans?

9. How long will Bingley be absent from Netherfield?

10. How does Charlotte’s age reflect on her decision to marry?

1. He says a reverend should marry to set a good example for his parishioners.

2. He tells her that if she accepts, he’ll never speak to her again.

3. He tells Elizabeth that he stayed away to avoid a confrontation with Darcy.

4. She receives a letter from Caroline Bingley.

5. Miss Bingley refers to a prior arrangement for Bingley to marry Georgiana Darcy.

6. His second proposal is to Charlotte Lucas.

7. She has no romantic notions, and wishes to have a position in society.

8. She can only dwell on the fact that Charlotte will someday be the mistress of Langbourn.

9. His sister’s letter states all winter. This is a period of six months.

10. She is plain, considers herself an old maid in her late twenties, and seeks to be settled in a position.

Volume Two, Chapters 1-3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who sends Jane a letter from London?

2. What does Elizabeth say to Jane about her feelings toward others?

3. How does Elizabeth describe Mr. Collins?

4. What does Mrs. Gardiner have in common with Wickham?

5. What does Mrs. Gardiner warn Elizabeth about?

6. Who returns from another visit to Hertfordshire?

7. What favor does Charlotte ask of Elizabeth?

8. Who does Jane visit in London?

9. Who does Wickham court?

10. What does Elizabeth confess in her letter to Mrs. Gardiner?

1. Miss Bingley sends a letter saying that the Bingley clan is...

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Volume Two, Chapters 4-8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. When Elizabeth visits Heresford, where does she stop over?

2. How far was the journey to Collins’ parsonage?

3. What do the Gardiners propose to Elizabeth?

4. Who unexpectedly comes to offer dinner?

5. What is Elizabeth’s first impression of Miss de Bourgh?

6. How does Lady de Bourgh assess Elizabeth?

7. What games are played after dinner at the fashionable de Bourgh estate?

8. How old is Elizabeth?

9. Who arrives at the de Bourgh’s for a visit?

10. Why is Elizabeth attracted to Colonel Fitzwilliam?

1. She stops over for a day at the...

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Volume Two, Chapters 9-12 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Fitzwilliam refrain from marriage?

2. Who does Fitzwilliam remind Elizabeth of?

3. What does Fitzwilliam inform Elizabeth that Darcy has done for Bingley?

4. What is Elizabeth doing just prior to Darcy’s proposal?

5. What are the reasons that Darcy feels superior to her?

6. Why does Elizabeth reject his proposal?

7. How does Darcy react to her answer?

8. How does Elizabeth hurt Darcy the most?

9. When Darcy leaves, what does Elizabeth do?

10. When Elizabeth receives Darcy’s letter the next day, why does she begin to chastise herself?


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Volume Two, Chapters 13-19 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What fault did Darcy place on Jane that encouraged him to break up the relationship with Bingley?

2. How much money was Wickham given?

3. When his money ran out, who did Wickham try to win over?

4. What did Elizabeth say had been her folly?

5. Who came to visit Elizabeth while she read and re-read Darcy’s letter?

6. What does Lady Catherine ask Elizabeth to do?

7. Why do Elizabeth and Maria stop at the Gardiners on their way home?

8. What news does Lydia give Elizabeth about Wickham?

9. Why are Lydia and Kitty so agitated?

10. What does Elizabeth warn her father about?


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Volume Three, Chapters 1-5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Elizabeth insist upon before her visit to Pemberley?

2. What does Darcy ask of Elizabeth that totally “floors” her?

3. What do the Gardiners perceive about Darcy?

4. How does Caroline Bingley try to insult Elizabeth?

5. Why does Jane send two letters to Elizabeth?

6. How does Darcy react to this family scandal?

7. What is Mr. Gardiner prepared to do?

8. Why is it unlikely that Wickham will marry Lydia?

9. How does Mrs. Bennet react to this new predicament?

10. What does Elizabeth admire about Pemberley?

1. She wants assurances...

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Volume Three, Chapters 6-10 Questions and Answers

1. Why did Wickham really leave Meryton with Lydia?

2. What does Mr. Collins say about what should be done to Lydia?

3. When Mr. Bennet returns, what does he tell Kitty?

4. Why are Jane and Elizabeth shocked when Mr. Gardiner tells them about the intended marriage?

5. What is one regret Mr. Bennet has about his failure to plan for the future when he was younger?

6. Why was Wickham shipped to a regiment in the north?

7. How do Lydia’s actions after her wedding show her true character?

8. Even though promised to secrecy, Lydia blurts out that another person was involved in her wedding. Who was it?

9. How...

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Volume Three, Chapters 11-15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Soon after Lydia leaves with her new husband, who returns to town?

2. What does Mrs. Bennet ask her husband to do? What is his answer?

3. Who did Darcy sit next to when he was invited to the Bennets’ for dinner?

4. What does Jane tell Elizabeth about the current status of her relationship with Bingley?

5. When Bingley arrives for his second dinner invitation, what surprises the Bennet family?

6. How was it obvious that Mrs. Bennet wanted to leave Bingley and Jane alone?

7. What does Bingley do after the third dinner at the Bennets?

8. How does Lady Catherine shock Elizabeth when she unexpectedly calls at...

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Volume Three, Chapters 16-19 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Darcy beg of Elizabeth as they are walking after his aunt’s intervention?

2. What do Darcy and Elizabeth both admit?

3. Who are the only people who are not surprised by Elizabeth’s engagement to Darcy?

4. How does Mrs. Bennet’s reaction to the pairing of Elizabeth and Darcy show more of her shortcomings and shallow character?

5. What does Mr. Bennet warn Elizabeth against?

6. What does Darcy say first attracted him to Elizabeth?

7. What does Elizabeth admit to her father after Darcy’s proposal?

8. How does Mr. Bennet’s concern differ from his wife’s?

9. How does Georgiana...

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