Pride and Prejudice Volume Three, Chapters 6-10 Questions and Answers
by Jane Austen

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Volume Three, Chapters 6-10 Questions and Answers

1. Why did Wickham really leave Meryton with Lydia?

2. What does Mr. Collins say about what should be done to Lydia?

3. When Mr. Bennet returns, what does he tell Kitty?

4. Why are Jane and Elizabeth shocked when Mr. Gardiner tells them about the intended marriage?

5. What is one regret Mr. Bennet has about his failure to plan for the future when he was younger?

6. Why was Wickham shipped to a regiment in the north?

7. How do Lydia’s actions after her wedding show her true character?

8. Even though promised to secrecy, Lydia blurts out that another person was involved in her wedding. Who was it?

9. How does Elizabeth seek verification of Darcy’s part in these arrangements?

10. What does Elizabeth say to Wickham that ensures that she won’t talk of his past?

1. He had a trail of debts and she was in love with him. He decided to turn a bad situation to his advantage.

2. He advises Mr. Bennet “to throw off your unworthy child, and leave her to reap the fruits of her heinous offence.”

3. He tells her that he has learned to be more cautious, and that she will feel the effects of it.

4. They know Wickham’s character. The money mentioned in the letter seems not enough to satisfy his greed.

5. He wishes that he had set aside part of his annual income for his children.

6. His debts were paid off at Meryton and it was thought best that he start again elsewhere with a clean slate.

7. She is unashamed, flaunts her ring, and wants everyone to call her Mrs. Wickham.

8. She says that Mr. Darcy took charge of the nuptials and made the arrangements.

9. She sends a letter to Mrs. Gardiner asking for the true facts.

10. She says, “Come, Mr. Wickham we are brother and sister. Do not let us quarrel about the past. In the future I hope we shall be always of one mind.”