Illustration of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy with neutral expressions on their faces

Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

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Volume Three, Chapters 1-5 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Elizabeth insist upon before her visit to Pemberley?

2. What does Darcy ask of Elizabeth that totally “floors” her?

3. What do the Gardiners perceive about Darcy?

4. How does Caroline Bingley try to insult Elizabeth?

5. Why does Jane send two letters to Elizabeth?

6. How does Darcy react to this family scandal?

7. What is Mr. Gardiner prepared to do?

8. Why is it unlikely that Wickham will marry Lydia?

9. How does Mrs. Bennet react to this new predicament?

10. What does Elizabeth admire about Pemberley?

1. She wants assurances that Darcy will not be there.

2. He asks to introduce her to his sister.

3. They see he is still in love with Elizabeth.

4. She hints that the Bennet family must be very hurt by the militia’s decision to leave their town.

5. One got lost in the mail. Both relate the elopement of Lydia and Wickham.

6. He blames himself for not revealing Wickham’s true

7. He is prepared to go to London and search for Mr. Bennet. He plans to intercept Bennet before he does something rash.

8. She has no family inheritance and is only 16.

9. She becomes hysterical and bedridden. Jane has to minister to her.

10. Pemberley is beautiful but unpretentious. The furnishings and gardens are done with exquisite taste and are very natural.

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