Illustration of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy with neutral expressions on their faces

Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

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Volume One, Chapters 9-12 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Mrs. Bennet describe Charlotte?

2. What does Miss Bingley ask Charles?

3. To whom does Darcy compose a letter?

4. Why does Miss Bingley get jealous?

5. What weaknesses do Darcy says expose “a strong understanding to ridicule”?

6. What type of entertainment is usually enjoyed after dinner at Netherfield?

7. How long did Jane stay at Netherfield?

8. Why does Darcy hardly speak to Elizabeth on their last day at Netherfield?

9. Why is Mrs. Bennet upset that the two daughters returned so soon?

10. How do the other daughters react to their reunion?

1. She states that Charlotte is very plain, but a dear friend.

2. She asks him if he is serious about giving a ball.

3. He writes a letter to his sister, Georgiana.

4. She gets jealous, because Darcy is interested in Elizabeth and ignores her.

5. He states that vanity and pride are the two greatest weaknesses in any individual.

6. The usual entertainment is an evening spent in the drawing room.

7. Jane was there for six days.

8. He realizes that she appeals to him, but is acutely aware of her lower social position.

9. She had hoped that they might stay longer, and form a more solid relationship between Jane and Bingley.

10. Mary ignores them, and pursues a study she is engrossed in. Kitty and Lydia “blabber-on” about all the soldiers they’ve met.

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