Illustration of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy with neutral expressions on their faces

Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

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Volume One, Chapters 13-18 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How long does Mr. Collins plan to visit?

2. What is the first subject Mrs. Bennet discusses with Collins?

3. How does Collins describe young Miss de Bourgh?

4. What is the name of the de Bourgh estate?

5. How does Lydia embarrass Collins?

6. Which daughter is of first interest to Collins?

7. What did Darcy and Wickham do on first meeting?

8. What job had Wickham’s father held?

9. Does Bingley have any knowledge of Wickham?

10. What does Miss Bingley say to Elizabeth at the ball?

1. He plans to stay two weeks.

2. She brought up the entailment.

3. He describes her as sickly, but one of the most charming and accomplished women he has ever met.

4. The estate is called Rosings Park.

5. When he is reading to them for entertainment, she loudly interrupts his performance by talking of family matters.

6. He is first attracted to Jane’s beauty.

7. They both turned red and stared uncivilly at one another.

8. He was once the steward at Darcy’s father’s estate.

9. He had never met the man until this encounter.

10. She warns her of Wickham’s bad character.

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