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Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

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In volume 2 of Pride and Prejudice, what is the new development in Mr. Wickham?

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The primary developments in Wickham's character in Volume II come from revelations made by other people. The most extreme of these is, of course, Mr. Darcy's. He reveals his side of their family relationship, how Mr. Wickham had acted regarding money and Miss Darcy. This results in a change in Elizabeth's view of Wickham. As far as physical actions, the regiment relocates, which sets the stage for later developments in Wickham.

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Elizabeth decides that she doesn't love Mr. Wickham anymore, and learns about what a dastardly thing he did to Darcy's sister Georgina and to Darcy himself. Elizabeth learns that everything she thought about Mr. Wickham as true, was, in fact not. He's a big gambler, and Darcy gave him money and a home which he quickly lost in bets. He tried to marry Georgina for her fortune. The reader also learns that the Army is moving. Elizabeth is relieved for it means she won't have to be near Mr. Wickham anymore.

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