Pride and Prejudice Volume Two, Chapters 13-19 Summary and Analysis

Jane Austen

Volume Two, Chapters 13-19 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Mrs. Forster: the wife of an army colonel, and a friend of Lydia’s, who invites her to Brighton

While Elizabeth is taking her morning walk, Darcy arrives, gives her a letter, and abruptly leaves. The contents of the letter admit that he kept Bingley from Jane as Elizabeth had charged, but that he did so because Jane’s calm nature did not show a deep emotional tie. The second part of the letter goes on to list the improper behavior of members of her family. At first reading, Elizabeth is full of resentment and anger, but she soon realizes that his criticism may be harsh but valid. The third part of the letter details the relationship with Wickham,...

(The entire section is 721 words.)