Pride and Prejudice Volume Three, Chapters 6−10 Summary and Analysis

Jane Austen

Volume Three, Chapters 6−10 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Mrs. Hill: the Bennets’ housekeeper

Mr. Bennet and Mr. Gardiner have little luck in London. They can’t find the pair, but almost everywhere they go they find more evidence of Wickham’s low character. He is a gambler and has left a trail of debts behind him. Mr. Bennet returns home and leaves the search to Mr. Gardiner. He confesses that Elizabeth was correct when she warned him about allowing Lydia to go to Brighton. He promises to be more strict with Kitty.

Wickham and Lydia are found. They did not get married, but Mr. Gardiner bribes Wickham to do the right thing by offering to pay his debts and provide them with a yearly stipend....

(The entire section is 745 words.)