Pride and Prejudice Volume Three, Chapters 16−19 Summary and Analysis

Jane Austen

Volume Three, Chapters 16−19 Summary and Analysis

Lady de Bourgh is furious, and she goes to see her nephew. She tries to convince him that his feelings toward Elizabeth are unacceptable. She gives him a full account of how Elizabeth treated her, which Lady de Bourgh felt was insufficiently deferential.

Darcy returns to the Bennets after this visit, and they take a long walk together (more than three miles). In their discussion, Darcy begs her for the truth of how she feels. He states his feelings are the same as they were when he first proposed. Elizabeth admits that her feelings have undergone such a radical change that she now loves him. They become sure of each other at last, and they comment on their troubled relationship. Darcy admits that...

(The entire section is 629 words.)