Pride and Prejudice Volume Three, Chapters 11−15 Summary and Analysis

Jane Austen

Volume Three, Chapters 11−15 Summary and Analysis

Bingley and Darcy arrive at Netherfield. Elizabeth is afraid her mother’s behavior will repel them. Mrs. Bennet’s rudeness to Darcy embarrasses Elizabeth, who owes him more than can be repaid. Darcy is very reserved.

Jane and Bingley come together again at a dinner at Longbourn. Jane tries to convince Elizabeth that they are only on friendly terms. Elizabeth is troubled by Darcy’s reserve. Darcy returns to London, and Bingley proposes to Jane. This is an unexpected event, and Elizabeth speculates about Darcy’s involvement in this recent change of affairs. Jane, however, is enthralled.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh comes to Longbourn to try to break up what she suspects is a...

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