Pride and Prejudice Volume Three, Chapters 1−5 Summary and Analysis

Jane Austen

Volume Three, Chapters 1−5 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Mrs. Reynolds: Darcy’s housekeeper at Pemberley who speaks highly of him

Georgiana Darcy: Darcy’s shy but impeccably−mannered sister

Mrs. Annesley: Georgiana’s elderly governess

On a leisurely journey, the Gardiners and Elizabeth stop in Derbyshire to view Darcy’s beautiful estate, Pemberley.

The estate is elegant and tasteful, and the housekeeper is overly enthusiastic with praise of her master’s fine manners and honest nature. She mentions that he is often thought of as proud, but she will have none of that, having never seen an occasion where he has evidenced this. Darcy’s letter has made a great...

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