Pride and Prejudice Volume One, Chapters 13-18 Summary and Analysis

Jane Austen

Volume One, Chapters 13-18 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
William Collins: Mr. Bennet’s cousin, who will inherit Longbourn after Mr. Bennet’s death

Lady Catherine de Bourgh: Darcy’s rich aunt and Mr. Collins’ benefactor

Mr. George Wickham: the handsome, young soldier who has a grudge against Darcy

Mr. Bennet receives a letter from his cousin, the Reverend Collins, who will one day inherit Longbourn. Mr. Bennet makes fun of his writing style and pomposity, and makes snide remarks about him to his family. Collins is planning a fortnight visit with them. He informs Mr. Bennet that he is looking for a proper wife, now that he has been assigned a parish post. If he should happen to...

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