The Price of Eggs in China Topics for Further Study
by Don Lee

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Topics for Further Study

(Short Stories for Students)

Go to a museum or a museum website and examine chair designs by Frank Lloyd Wright and other modern artists. From these designs, along with Lee’s description in the story, draw what you visualize as a Dean Kaneshiro chair.

Write a poem in the style of Caroline Yip and a poem in the style of Marcella Ahn.

Dean has a problem in this story because there are only a few master woodcutters left who can work properly with zelkova wood. Find out how zelkova is harvested. Report on the process commonly used, and how it differs from how other types of wood are gathered. Do a report on the wood in which you take a position on using nonrenewable natural resources.

Buy or make a voice changer. Try it out in your class, giving classmates a chance to guess whose voice they are hearing when blindfolded.