The Price of Eggs in China Essays and Criticism

Don Lee

Don Lee Overview

Don Lee, a third-generation Korean American, began his education at the University of California Los Angeles as an engineering major during which time, he told Jessica Brilliant Keener of Poets & Writers he was ‘‘bored to tears.’’ After encouragement from an English composition instructor to take some creative-writing courses, he was ‘‘hooked.’’ Thus began his career in the writing field. His book of short stories, Yellow, won the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and individual stories in the book won an O. Henry Award and a Pushcart Prize.

Yellow is a collection of six interwoven stories and a novella all with Asian-American protagonists and all set in a fictional coastal town in California. Janice Bees wrote in Kliatt that the stories are ‘‘compact, complicated, energetic, and sharply written.’’ Reviewing the book for the Los Angeles Times, Tim Rutten commented: ‘‘Lee is unafraid of flirting with the perils of melodrama and even sentimentality—if it is the service of narrative. His prose is spare and free of literary allusions, and he is unafraid to take narrative chances, including what some might consider Hollywood action set pieces.’’ Rutten called Yellow a ‘‘triumph of the artful over the didactic,’’ and stated that the characters filling its pages ‘‘constitute a rich and unusually complete portrait of contemporary Asian America.’’

Lee’s book was a long time in the making, with some stories dating back thirteen years before their publication. The author told Keener that, due to the long process, people might assume he was having difficulty selling the manuscript. Not so, he contended: ‘‘I just wasn’t writing. I wrote one story every year or two and published in literary journals. I was a hobbyist.’’ He noted that his job as editor of Ploughshares is demanding and his days are filled with programming computers, writing grant applications,...

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Life and Loss

(Short Stories for Students)

In his short story “The Price of Eggs in China,” Don Lee presents a relationship triangle formed by Dean Kaneshiro, Caroline Yip, and...

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The Price of Eggs in China as a Quest Story

(Short Stories for Students)

Any artist can attest that creative vision is not static. Rather, at any one point, vision and artwork are, like one of Dean Kaneshiro’s...

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Don Lee on Building Confidence as a Writer and the Editor of Ploughshares

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Perhaps best known as editor of Ploughshares, a post he’s held for sixteen years, Don Lee published his first book, Yellow...

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Interview with Don Lee

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Don Lee, author of the story collection Yellow, did not exactly sweat over getting his first book published. As Lee relates,...

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