Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Like many evangelicals—Christians who accept a literal interpretation of the Bible and who believe one must be “born again” in Christ in order to enter heaven—Moore sees events in world politics and trends in social culture as evidence of increased evil activities and thus of the imminent return of Christ prophesied in the biblical book of Revelation. For this reason, she believes that contemporary Christians will be challenged to a greater degree than ever before. Whereas previous generations of believers might have been able simply to pray for release from the bondage of addiction or other strongholds, leading up to the last days, Satan’s activity will increase and so must the arsenal of the Christians.

Moore’s teachings are informed by the presumption of a coming apocalyptic struggle between the forces of good and evil. “Just in case anyone is still clinging to a few doubts,” she writes in the chapter on “Overcoming the Enemy,” “let me assure you, the devil is real.” For Moore, the devil is an active, deceptive, and crafty force who preys on mental and emotional weaknesses and wants to keep Christians in bondage. One of the themes at work in Praying God’s Word is the idea of slavery versus freedom. It is quite possible, Moore reminds readers, to be a born-again Christian and still be overcome by powerful forces that prevent true spirit-filled living.

Another significant message not made fully...

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