The Power

by Naomi Alderman

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The Power Characters

The main characters in The Power are Allie, Roxy, Margot, and Tunde.

  • Allie, who later adopts the name Mother Eve, is a runaway turned religious leader. Certain that the power is God's way of proving female supremacy, she develops a global, matriarchal religion.
  • Roxy, the daughter of mob boss, joins Allie in her quest for global domination and develops Glitter, a drug that enhances the power.
  • Margot is an American politician and the creator of the NorthStar camps, which train young girls to use their powers.
  • Tunde is a male journalist and one of the first people to document a woman using the power.


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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Allie Montgomery-Taylor

Allie has been guided by a mysterious voice in her head all her life; although the author does not reveal the nature of this voice, its words imply that it has biblical origins. She uses her powers to kill her foster father, who has been sexually abusing her. She then becomes a nun and, renaming herself Mother Eve, starts a movement based on the idea that female supremacy has biblical origins. Though she initially advocates for peace through her leadership as Mother Eve, she gets involved in the war originating in Moldova. Allie becomes the right-hand soldier of Tatiana Moskalev, who killed her husband—the previous dictator. When it becomes apparent that Tatiana supports oppression and mass murder, Allie kills her. She then ascends to the leader of Moldova. Allie is considered the most skilled in using the power: she has great control and tact.

Roxy Monke

Roxy is known for her toughness and highly powerful skein. She starts selling Glitter, a drug that enhances the power women possess. She has a love-hate relationship with her negligent mob boss father and eventually learns that it was he who organized the death of Roxy's mother. Roxy witnessed this murder but was unable to control her powers enough to stop it. This led to her ultimately being accepted into the mob by her father, causing her much confusion later on. In her quest to strengthen her powers, Roxy becomes close friends with Mother Eve and later becomes one of Tatiana's soldiers. Eventually, she helps take over her father’s criminal organization, though he later turns around and takes it back, removing her skein and stripping her of her powers in the process. At the end of the novel, she begins a relationship with Tunde. 

Margot Cleary

Margot is the mayor of an American city. Time and time again, the men in her political circles underestimate and disrespect her. She wants to help girls use their newfound powers. Inspired by her daughter Jocelyn, Margot organizes training camps for young women, called the NorthStar Girls Camps, across the United States in order to train girls to use their powers safely. Many men fear this is a weaponization initiative. Though Jocelyn has a faulty skein, she awakens the power in her mother. Margot hides her newly developed power during a government electrical test resembling a lie detector. Margot is fierce, protective, and a strong female leader.

Tunde Endo

Tunde Endo rises to fame as a journalist after capturing the first footage of a girl using her powers in Nigeria—it is he who is responsible for the news of women’s powers becoming widespread. Tunde provides a male perspective as he follows the women's rebellions in Saudi Arabia, Delhi, and other parts of the globe. He discovers that men are being mass murdered in Moldova and is kidnapped; he is rescued by Roxy, who saves him from a gang of Moldovian women who are about to torture and kill him. He later finds out that a female journalist and former friend had reported him dead and was posting his footage and reports under her name.

Tatiana Moskalev

Tatiana is married to Viktor Moskalev, the president of Moldova.  Tatiana uses the power to kill Viktor, making her the next president of Moldova. Though she aimed to promote a regime in which women were in power over men, she became dictatorial. Her government was no better than the patriarchal one she overthrew. She exemplifies corruption and is eventually ousted by a military coup. Her behavior escalates and she is compelled by Allie to end her life. 

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