Power Lines

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The inhabitants of Petaybee concluded their planet was sentient after a series of episodes which defied any contrary conclusion. In consequence, the corporation charged with exploiting the planet’s resources was duly informed that mining activity was definitely no longer an option. Intergal was not pleased with this news to say the least. In fact, the idea that an entire planet was capable of communication let alone possessing a sense of perception seems ludicrous. Still, several valued members of the Intergal organization respect this claim and insist that the planet’s wishes be honored.

Two of the more powerful faction leaders within Intergal make the long journey to Petaybee to separate fact from fiction. If it was solely up to Marmion de Revers Algemeine, the planet and its inhabitants might be a fighting chance. Unfortunately, Matthew Luzon is determined to be part of the investigation. “Mad Matt” is notorious throughout the company for his devotion to the bottom line at the expense of everything else. The indigenous inhabitants of Petaybee could not be in worse hands. Then again, Matthew Luzon has only destroyed civilizations, an entire planet determined to survive may prove his equal. Nevertheless, Yanaba Maddock, her friends and allies—those with two legs and those with four—have their work cut out for them.

POWER LINES is the sequel to THE POWERS THAT BE, and as is so often the case a reader will profit by reading them in the desired sequence. The work is deftly composed, and the multiple lines connect and intersect in a convenient and understandable manner, but a certain degree of foreknowledge is helpful.