The Power of Ethical Management

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Whether one is a CEO facing difficult choices or a clerk struggling to move up, THE POWER OF ETHICAL MANAGEMENT may have some tips to assure that one does so with a clear conscience. Management training programs often emphasize assertiveness, but when did one last hear of a program that stressed ethics?

The pillars of Kenneth Blanchard and Norman Vincent Peale’s management style are the “Five P’s of Ethical Power": Purpose, Pride, Patience, Persistence, and Perspective. The story of a hypothetical middle manager shows how these principles operate and how they produce long-range benefits. The book asserts that even in the complex world of today, it still is possible to do business honestly and stay competitive.

Sprinkled throughout the narrative are eminently quotable sayings, destined to be posted on many bulletin boards and quoted in corporate newsletters. Some of these are original; others were collected from such sages as Benjamin Franklin, Calvin Coolidge, Winston Churchill, and other corporate or literary giants.

Peale’s inspirational style, toned down here, is effective in light touches, complementing the book’s predominant common-sense tone. The result is a guide that will be acceptable to a very wide audience. The jacket proudly displays glowing recommendations from business magnates.