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1) “'He means well' is useless unless he does well.”

This quote discusses the value of integrity. For many, good intentions are enough to define a person's character. Plautus argues that good intentions that result in no positive change have no value.

2) “Let deeds match words.”

This quote is very similar to the first, in that Plautus argues that a person must act on their words. Plautus valued those that followed up statements with actions, as words themselves mean nothing unless they result in change.

3) “After all, what is money apart from what it can buy?”

Here, Plautus references the human desire for financial and material gains and calls attention to the false value human society has applied to currency. True value lies in what money cannot buy.

4) “No man is wise enough by himself.”

Plautus argues that it is exposure and diversity that makes a person wise. Exposure allows a person to learn from experience and ponder new ideas, and diversity grants a person different perspectives. Without the influence of others, one cannot be truly wise.

5) “Practice yourself what you preach.”

Plautus, again, discusses integrity with this quote, which has become a popular saying in modern culture. If a person advocates for a certain behavior or moral principle, they, too, must follow it, or risk hypocrisy.