The Portrayal of Jews in Nineteenth-Century English Literature Anglo-Jewish Novels - Essay

Anglo-Jewish Novels

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Rabbi Edward N. Calisch (essay date 1909)

SOURCE: "From 1800 to Date—" in The Jew in English Literature: As Author and As Subject, Bell Book and Stationary Co., 1909, pp. 161-82.

[In the following excerpt, Calisch assesses the novels written during the nineteenth-century by Jews about Jewish life, and identifies novelist Israel Zangwill as "the foremost Jewish literary figure" of his time.]

In the realm of fiction, Jewish literary genius finds large representation. There appears a number of names that will survive more than their own generation. A pioneer of the century was Grace Aguilar, 1816-1847. Her history is pathetically interesting....

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