Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Overview Quiz

What do you know about James Joyce's protagonist Stephen Dedalus and his journey from childhood to maturity in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man? Take the quiz over this classic work from eNotes and find out!

  1. How does Stephen behave with the prostitute?

  2. How does Stephen feel about his new life of "sin"?

  3. What book does Stephen become enamored of during his summer in Blackrock?

  4. How does Stephen feel about his father?

  5. Why does Wells think he may be responsible for Stephen falling ill?

  6. About what do Mr. Dedalus, Mr. Casey, and Dante argue at Christmas dinner?

  7. For what is Stephen anxiously waiting for a Clongowes Wood?

  8. Why does Stephen not return to Clongowes in the Fall?

  9. What banned activity do a group of boys get in serious trouble for at Clongowes?

  10. Whom did Stephen claim was the "best poet," a choice which got him into trouble?

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