A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Chapter 2 Questions and Answers
by James Joyce

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Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where is the Dedalus family living at the start of the chapter?

2. What does Stephen read alone in his room at night?

3. Why does Stephen not return to Clongowes in September?

4. When the family has moved back to Dublin, why does Stephen spend so much time alone?

5. Why does Stephen feel it is appropriate to entitle his poem, “To E--- C---”?

6. Where does Stephen go to school after Clongowes?

7. Why does Heron mock Byron, who Stephen says is “the best poet”?

8. What word does Stephen see carved on a desk at Queen’s College in Cork?

9. Where does Stephen get the money for his “season of pleasure”?

10. How does Stephen react to the prostitute at the end of the chapter?

1. The family has moved to Blackrock, a suburb on the coast southeast of Dublin.

2. Stephen reads a translation of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

3. Stephen is unable to return to Clongowes because his father can no longer afford to send him.

4. Stephen spends so much time alone in Dublin because he has few friends, and his Uncle Charles has gotten too old to go outside.

5. Stephen imitates the titles of some poems he has seen in the collected works of Lord Byron, the English Romantic poet.

6. Stephen is sent to Belvedere College by special arrangement by Father Conmee, Stephen’s former rector at Clongowes. Conmee is now at Belvedere, and arranges for Stephen and his brother Maurice to attend the Jesuit academy.

7. Heron says that Byron was a heretic.

8. Stephen sees the word “Foetus” carved in the desk in the lecture hall at Queen’s College.

9. Stephen wins 33 pounds in an essay competition, which he spends lavishly and generously, if quickly and irresponsibly.

10. Stephen’s reaction to the prostitute is passive and submissive.